Steve & Lisa


Steve & Lisa - Pine Island Realty Testimonials

How did you find Pine Island?

Steve:  Our family had vacationed in SW Florida for many years on Ft Myers Beach but it became way too busy for us.

Lisa:  I fell in love with a guy who happened to live here.

What made you choose Matlacha?

Steve:  I felt the Karma of “Island Time”

Lisa:  The unpretentious atmosphere

My Experience working with Pine Island Realty was _________________?

Steve:  The best I have had with any Realtor

Lisa:  Great!  Good communication and very knowledgeable.

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

Steve:  The water! 

Lisa:  How respectful everyone is to each other

What was your 1st job?

Steve:  A busboy

Lisa:  I was a baby-sitter and fruit sorter at a fruit factory.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

BOTH:  Our children and grandchildren

What is your favorite Hidden Gem?

Steve:  The bread at PI Gateway Cafe

Lisa:  The Tarpon Lodge; Amazing sunsets, the best customer service and I can play the piano for Steve

What is your Occupation?

Steve: In (our) home Chef & Sommelier -Retired Physician

Lisa:  Gardener – Retired Teacher/Historian

What was your journey like buying a home?

Steve:  Very smooth sailing

What surprised you most about the buying process?

Steve:  How easy Brian made the entire process.

Why did you choose to work with Pine Island Realty again?

Steve:  I would not consider working with anyone else.

Jane:  We know we can always get reliable and honest information.