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Close your eyes and let the rhythm of a gently swaying hammock lull you. Feel the warm Gulf breeze dancing on your skin. Listen to the sound of salt water as it laps at the shore. You can hear birds calling and the quiet chatter of neighbors in the distance. Sound peaceful? When you're ready for adventure, head out to Pine Island Sound to fish for tarpon, snook, redfish, trout and cobia. Or, go for the Gulf and Fish for permit, grouper, kingfish and snapper. Fish are in abundance here, no tall tales necessary.

In fact, there are numerous leisurely activities for you to enjoy. Golf, sailing, tennis - or best of all, nothing... No you haven't been transported back in time, you're on Pine Island.

Life here is idyllic; we like to call if Mayberry in the mangroves. No high-rises, no huge developments, not even a traffic light. Your new neighbors may be a grove of palm trees or a pair of bald eagles. Rest assured that whomever they are, they'll be in pursuit of the same laid-back lifestyle you're searching for.

Pine Island has five distinctive communities to choose from. All close to grocery shopping, churches, social activities and everything else that comes together to create the island lifestyle. Our diversity will amaze you - condominiums, single-family residences, acreage, waterfront and vacant land - all tucked away on an intimate island a few miles from Sanibel, Fort Myers and Boca Grande. 

Why do we invite you to take a look at Pine Island? Because we call it home, and think it's paradise -- you will, too.

Visit us at one of our island locations - either at the Center or in St. James City, e-mail or write us for complete information on a property that is right for you.